VersaFarms is currently testing several Indoor Garden Prototypes

Lunchroom The Pionier Utrecht

Humble beginnings

In close collaboration with The Colour Kitchen restaurant, we have been testing the very first indoor herb garden. Everyting was so much different then..

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

The "V0.1"

Also for The Colour Kitchen, this time in Eindhoven, we put all the learned lessons into the first real garden. Philips provided the lamps for this garden, a great gift.

The Restaurant of the Future Wageningen

Bigger is Better

A restaurant can never have enough herbs so, we scaled up. Every part custom made for the optimal experience, except during delivery.. ouch.

About the Indoor Gardens

The right mix of green and tech

An Indoor Garden from VersaFarms uses a range of hydroponic techniques that are monitored and controlled in order to provide the best experience. Carefully dosed nutrient rich water feeds the plants while optimal plant lighting provides an abundance of energy to grow. 

A large reservoir only needs te be refilled once per week with regular tap water and a nutrient top-up is done in an easy way. The lights are turned on and off automatically during the optimal times of day. 

Just as all plants, and all gardens, they need daily tending if they are to be kept in prime condition. A brief training of 30 minutes gives you all you need to know to get the best out of your Indoor Garden. When the herbs in the garden are in need of replacement, we send you a new batch, via the mail. Easy, right? 

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