Team Versafarms

What do we stand for?

Team VersaFarms' mission is to bring fresh herbs to the next level via Indoor Gardens.

Seeing the plants grow, enjoying your Indoor Garden and the unparalleled taste of truly fresh produce is an experience we want to share with everyone.

We are passionate to provide easy and fun solutions to food production and consumption challenges though this ultra local farming concept.

Being a startup we are proud to be expanding expanding the team!


Indoor Gardens

We believe the Circular Economy is here to stay.

Therefore, as a subscriber, you get an Indoor Garden that is built to last. We even provide periodic replacement parts to prevent a malfunction before it occurs. If it still occurs, repairs are on us. This way, you are ensured that you only pay for a working product.

Actually, you pay for what you want most: always fresh herbs at your fingertips.

Several Prototypes are currently being tested. Take a look where they are by clicking the button below.


Your Herbs

Just as you do, we also like simplicity. 

Therefore, as a subscriber, you get everything you need for a fixed monthly fee. This full service subscription allows you to choose a set of herbs. 

You can change the herb layout of your indoor garden whenever you like. We would also like to share new and exotic types of herbs with you to try them out.

We're working towards an easy way to work together. But, good things take time. For now, we'll use the phone to get you the best indoor garden. 


Co-Founder and Director

Joren is the initiator of VersaFarms. Passionate for sustainability and working with an open mind towards finding the right solutions to food related challenges. Joren Has an academic Business background as well as an environmental one and has worked as a consultant in the field of sustainability for several years. 


Co-Founder and Plant Specialist

Olivier is a food passionate that wants to bring food production closer to the people. Olivier has an agricultural background, a specialization in greenhouse technologies and is currently following an MBA program in Amsterdam.

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