A fixed, monthly fee for the entire package, A-Z is what we call Service.


Personalise your subscription

Currently, we aim to provide a standard solution for the Indoor Garden in combination with your ideal service deal. Just let us know which herbs you like and in which quantity.

How much is produced? A garden provides about 3 Kilograms of herbs per month, depending of the type of herbs that are being grown. All year round of course, nice.

How does harvesting work? The herbs are really growing in the garden, so there is some harvesting to be done. This, you do yourself. It brings you back to nature, free of charge. Also, cutting the herbs the right way actually increases the yield quite dramatically. Saving costs, you'll love it!

What about cleaning? Cleaning is also your task. Removing dry leaves, dusting and keeping unwanted visitors at bay can all be done while humming a couple of gentle notes in under 5 minutes.

What do I need? We'll send you a box of supplies once in a while. We can send you reminders for adding nutrients and new plants if you like.

Anything else? Once per year, we come and check up on how it is going, we'll bring an updated gizmo, replace a a couple of gadgets and put a few tireless gnomes back in.

What will the future hold? We're working towards providing more options for the looks of your Indoor Garden, adding more functionality, get a bit of smartphone interaction going, and loads more good stuff.

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